Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back in the blogging mood

It was long time, but it seemed I just cannot find enough time for anything. So here's the short transcript of a long story.
After the last post we needed to evacuate again - damn hurricanes. This one was a complete disaster - driving from New Orleans to Pensacola (FL). It took us 5 hours to go from Algiers Point (the area we live in) to Slidell (about 22 miles). And the AC in the car broke. So guess what. Hubby (he was driving) was hot and angry, as he cannot stand staying in the traffic. When finally I got the car, it was too late. 2 days after that, the 2nd of Sept, he got a heart attack. We had an insurance, but not enough, so I am still struggling to pay the hospital bills. He's fine now, almost an year after 8 months, so he finally started to work again. And the whole business with the evacuation this year (mandatory one, and if you stay, you are by yourself and so on and other BS from the disaster, called a mayor in this city) was a complete waste. After I came home (leaving hubby with the relatives, and the daughter with school friends of hers), I discovered, that if we lost electricity, it was for no more than 10 mins. The ice cream in the freezer (sandwiches) and the cubes in the icemaker bin were intact. So ask me to evacuate again! NEVER!
Then in a month or so I decided the house we were renting was way too small - and it was, 3 rooms shotgun style with a single bath was awful. i found a new one, so guess who did the moving. Well this place is much bigger, and everybody has it's own bath, this is the most important. And the yard is decent. But more about later.
All was OK for awhile. Then, the day after the doctor said hubby can start working again, and I managed to sell the old minivan (sitting on a driveway for more than an year), and I was thinking that the life is back in order, I was presented with the nicest news - the firm I was working for could not afford my services anymore. i suspect that they decided they do not want to pay for my health issues (I had a carpal tunnel surgery 1 1/2 month before and had therapy and another surgery coming). I was depressed, as you can imagine. But hubby said - now you have the whole time you want for tatting. Isn't he the best one?
So I started to tat - made a bunch of earrings, ordered few books, made a long edging to renew an old looking skirt.
Then hubby suggested to try to sell some of the stuff I made. And I opened an etsy shop www.bayoutatter.etsy.com where I started to offer some of the earrings.
We'll see. Here is a hint of the stuff there:

Both are from the Snowgoose pattern booklet. And both are in the shop too.

The same day my sister in law came to ask for help. She liked a knitted hat in one of the local yarn shops, even she bought the not too cheap yarn that was coming with the pattern, then she realized she cannot understand the darn thing. I suggested her to let me look at the pattern and to try to make it, so I can help her.

And here's the result:

The kid confiscated the first few - but I am not angry, as she managed to get admitted in the best high school in Louisiana, so she deserves them. I just made more.


Catherine White said...

Really cool hats!

Carol Lawecki said...

Good luck with your Etsy shop. You are off to a good start. Lovely earrings and the knitted hats are all such pretty colors.

Sorry to hear of all the troubles you had with the hurricane and evacuating and your husbands heart attack and your getting laid off. You sure had a stream of bad luck. I hope things are on an up swing for you now.

Take Care

fani's tatting said...

Thank you both. I sure hope the things are going to get better.